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Retreats and Events

We offer a wide range of retreats and seminars including our Triduum Retreat, preached retreats, youth retreat weekends, young adult retreat weekends, adult retreat weekends, and Salesian spirituality retreat weekends.

There are no upcoming retreats planned at this stage due to COVID-19 restrictions. We are looking forward to offering new programmes as soon as possible.

Preached Retreats

A series of 4 to 5-day preached retreats lead by experienced preachers and complemented by the daily celebration of the Eucharist, moments of communal prayer and ample opportunity for personal reflection. This year Fr Frank Moloney SDB and Fr Peter Varengo will be offering retreats open to the public.

Youth Retreat Weekends

A series of opportunities for young people aged 16 – 20 to gather together in community and celebrate, learn and grow in their faith, featuring activities, fellowship, talks, opportunities for sharing, prayer and reflection. These weekends are led by young Catholics in collaboration with the Don Bosco team.

Adult Retreat Weekends

Whether a seasoned Christian or returning to faith in Jesus, our adult retreat weekends provide the opportunity for participants to renew and enrich their spiritual lives, in a communal context characterised by prayer, learning, personal reflection and the sharing of life experiences.

Young Adult Retreat Weekends

Catering for the 20-something age-group, our young adult retreat weekends are conducted by other young adults in collaboration with members of the Don Bosco team. They focus on integrating faith and the demands of daily life in a way that is practical, communal and joyful. They feature opportunities to learn, question, discuss, reflect and celebrate following Jesus and being a Christian in the 21st century.

Salesian Studies Seminars

These residential seminars are designed for anyone interested in deepening their knowledge of St Francis de Sales, St John Bosco, St Maria Mazzarello, Salesian pedagogy and spirituality and the Salesian charism. We offer a sequential series of programmes devised to promote the progressive appreciation of the depth, beauty and richness of the Salesian tradition. We have submitted applications for these seminars to be used by teachers seeking accreditation to teach in a Catholic school and / or teach Religious Education in a Catholic school.

Salesian Spirituality Retreats

Our Salesian Spirituality Retreats are open to everyone and focus on facilitating spiritual growth and renewal by drawing on the spiritualities of St Francis de Sales and St John Bosco. Our rich and beautiful Salesian spiritual tradition combines prayer and reflection with learning, fellowship and fun, hence, participants are able to engage in a range of activities to enable them to “Live Jesus!” more deeply in everyday life.

There are no upcoming retreats planned at this stage due to COVID-19 restrictions. We are looking forward to offering new programmes as soon as possible. We will post information here as soon as we know when we are able to resume welcoming guests.

For further information please make Contact with us.